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[VDS] carte mere asus P4PE

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Bein non on va pas te ban pour si peu :roll:

Y'aura juste un gentil modo qui va passer et qui va rassembler tes deux topics en un seul :transpi:

(N'empêche que ça me plairait bien d'être modo mais j'ai pas encore l'étoffe d'un grand INpactien :smack: )

Ceci dit, bonne chance pour ta vente :transpi:

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je pense pas que c'est de l'agp*4 vu quel possede des fiche sata, serai un comble quand meme.

Eh bien, c'est un comble :D

Processor - Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4 (Willamette / Northwood) with the bus speed 400/533 MHz,

- Intel Celeron (Willamette/ Northwood) with the bus speed 400 MHz;

- Socket 478

- Support for processors with the HyperThreading enabled

Chipset i845E - Northbridge Intel® 82845PE Memory Controller Hub (MCH);

- Southbridge Intel® 82801DB Enhanced I/O Controller Hub (ICH4)

System memory - Three 184-pin slots for DDR SDRAM DIMM

- Maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

- Support for PC1600/2100/2700 memory types

Graphics - AGP slot, supporting the 4x mode

Overclocking Options - Six 32-bit PCI Bus Master slots

- Six USB 2.0 ports (4 built-in +2 additional)

- Two IEEE1394 (Firewire) ports

Overclocking options - FSB adjustable between 100MHz and 200MHz in 1MHz Increments.

- Adjustable voltage on the processor, memory, AGP

- C.P.R (CPU Parameter Recall)

On-board functionality - Integrated audio ADI AD1980

- LAN controller Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet

- VIA6307 controller for support of IEEE-1394 bus

Disk subsystem - 2 channel UltraDMA/100/66/33 Bus Master IDE (with support for up to 4 ATAPI-devices)

- Additional IDE Raid controller (Promise PDC20376, 1 channel IDE, supporting ATA33/66/100/133 & RAID 0, 1 with support for up to 2ATAPI-devices)

- Support for SerialATA (2 channels)

- Support for LS-120 / ZIP / ATAPI CD-ROM

BIOS - 4MBit Flash ROM

- Award BIOS Phoenix with support for Enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, PnP Features and Trend Chip Away Virus

- Asus EZ Flash

- Asus MyLogo2

- Multi-languages BIOS

- Asus CrashFree BIOS

Miscellaneous - One FDD port, two serial and one parallel ports, ports for PS/2 mouse and keyboard;

- Onboard power LED indicator;

- AGP Warning LED;

- Asus POST Reporter Technology;

- Asus Q-Fan Technology;

- STR (Suspend to RAM);


Monitoring - Case integrity check

- Keeping track of the processor temperatures, voltages and fans' rotational speeds

Power management - ACPI/APM

- Wake-up from modem, mouse, keyboard, LAN, timer and USB

Power - Standard 20-pin power socket ATX (ATX-PW);

- Additional 4-pin power socket;

- Standard 12V power socket (Asus EZ Plug Technology)

Dimensions - ATX form factor, 229mm x 305mm (9.00" x 12")

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ta cru que j'avais un magasin d'info ;) ? Je vais te dire 20 euros la carte mere apres tu va me dire "elle prend pas les athlon", ensuite " elle est pas equipé d'un pot devil"...

je sais je merite que sa :zarb:

mais je vous aime tous :p

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