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Vous écoutez quoi comme zik là


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Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

Noiseblocker BlackSilentFan XL-1 @ 1mètre


Dans le silence de la nuit

Je troll sur le forum de Pci

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Voici les chansons que j'écoute le plus, pratiquement tous les jours :

1) Around the World in a Tea Daze

Shpongle, 88 Plays

2) People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom Rmx)

Infected Mus..., 60 Plays

3) The Aubergine of The Sun

Ott, 54 Plays

4) Becoming Insane

Infected Mus..., 52 Plays

5) Hypnotize

System of a ..., 50 Plays

6) Lonely Day

System of a ..., 49 Plays

7) My Head Feels like a Frisbee

Shpongle, 48 Plays

8) Dirty Mind

Skazi, 47 Plays

9) The Legend of the Black Shawarma

Infected Mus..., 45 Plays

10) The Day That Never Comes

Metallica, 45 Plays

11) Dream On

Aerosmith, 41 Plays

12) Can't Stop

Infected Mus..., 40 Plays

13) Signals from Bob

Ott, 38 Plays

14) Big Bang

Noisecontrol..., 38 Plays

15) Deep Down

ASOT 2009, 37 Plays

16) Bounce

System of a ..., 37 Plays

17) Holy Mountains

System of a ..., 37 Plays

18) Final Fantasy VII Main Theme (Orchestrated)

Nobuo Uemats..., 36 Plays

19) Her Voice (Headhunterz Rmx edit)

Headhunterz, 36 Plays

20) Antisocial

Divers et Dé..., 35 Plays

21) DDevil

System of a ..., 35 Plays

22) Defqon.1 2012 Continuous Mix The Sound Of Defqon.1

The Sound Of..., 35 Plays

23) Dorset Perception

Shpongle, 35 Plays

24) End of the Road

Infected Mus..., 34 Plays

25) Paint It Black

The Rolling ..., 34 Plays

26) Buffalo Soldier

Bob Marley, 34 Plays

27) Cocaine

Eric Clapton, 33 Plays

28) James Bond Theme (From Dr No)

The Best Of ..., 33 Plays

29) Love Me 2 Times (Infected Mushroom Rmx)

Infected Mus..., 33 Plays

30) Fade To Black

Metallica, 33 Plays

31) Adrift In Hilbert Space

Ott, 32 Plays

32) Move Away & Inta Omri

Skazi, 32 Plays

33) Sails Of Charon

Scorpions, 32 Plays

34) No Turn-Unstoned

Shpongle, 32 Plays

35) Deepack - Prophecy (The nature of our mind 2009 edit)

Deepack, 31 Plays

36) Owl Stretching Time

Ott, 31 Plays

37) I Am You

Shpongle, 31 Plays

38) Creeping Death

Metallica, 31 Plays

39) Mouse Eating Cheese

Ott, 31 Plays

40) Nüguns

System of a ..., 31 Plays

41) The Queen of All Everything

Ott, 31 Plays

42) Handlebars

Flobots, 31 Plays

43) HardBass 2011 Anthem

Zatox, 31 Plays

44) Chop Suey!

System of a ..., 30 Plays

45) Eruption

Van Halen, 30 Plays

46) No Leaf Clover

Metallica, 30 Plays

47) Minack

Armin van Bu..., 29 Plays

48) Black Magic Woman

Carlos Santa..., 29 Plays

49) Prince Ali

Aladdin, 29 Plays

50) Bang Your Mind

Skazi, 29 Plays

Listings generated by Music Stats iOS app

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Merci misterB!! Ca faisait vraiement longtemps que j'avais pas écouté de Motörhead!! Entre ta version d'Ace of Spade et la partie de Guitar Hero Metallica de ce week end où il y également Ace of Spade dessus!

Je suis repartis en mode mega rebel de mes 12ans, head banging à fond et hop je vais faire un tour sur amazon et c'est commande de la disco complète!! :musique:



Et mon dernier achat qui passe en boucle dans l'autoradio (je l'ai attendu longtemps au cultura du coin...):


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