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[LOGICIEL] Convertir un CD audio DTS

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Bonjour à tous. ;)

J'ai fait l'acquisition d'un CD audio DTS.

Je n'arrive qu'à le lire avec Power DVD, même mon lecteur DVD de salon , pourtant avec un décodeur DTS integré refuse de le lire.

Comment le convertir en MP3 ou bien en FLAC pour que je puisse le lire sur mon autoradio ?

Merci pour votre aide. :ouioui:

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Avec Lame.

DTS to MP3 :

For MP3, we need to grab a command line encoder. I use Lame.

1. Put Lame.exe in foobar2000 directory.

2. Load the player and add your dts file with Playlist --> Add file Menu.

3. Then go to Foobar2000 --> Preferences --> DiskWriter.

4. In the Output Directory, check "Same as source file directory".

5. In the Output Presets, search Command Line Encoder : Lame --alt-preset standard from the list and click on "Edit" button to modify the preset. fb2k has already different presets for Lame. So, just look around the list.

6. In the Processing part, check "Use DSP" and click on "go to DSP Settings" button.

7. There, you can choose one or more DSP. By example to make a downmix, you must put the "Convert 5.1 to Stereo" on the left.

8. If all it's ok, then ckick on "Save all" and "Close". To launch the process : a right click on the file following by Convert --> Run Conversion. The select file writer appears. So, click on OK and wait.

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