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Oui, tout plein d'info :google: ou ici 3DRealms

Une petite précision tu étais ou ces 10 derniéres années ?

Et une remarque en passant, tu as vu l'année n'est pas mentionnée, mais si tu as suivi le deuxiéme lien tu aura surement compris :zarb::-D

Edit en plus tu as fais une faute, c'est DUKE NUKEM FOREVER

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Rhooo...s'avez rien compris, il sortira avec le moteur de UT2k3000, c'est à dire en même temps que Quake 900 et HL1002...ou encore lors de la sortie de la 500° reprise de Hung Up par le 612° clone de Madonna, avec le clone de 504° génération de Jesus Crist en quest voice :-D


J'ai corrigé le titre :-D

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Bande de boulayzes enragés zatane.gif

Excluding the Shacker, that leaves:

PC Gamer - saw the game for the 1999 and 2005 writeups

Maarten Goldstein (Shacknews employee) - "I saw it in person in august 1999. Long, long time ago".

Brad Wernicke (3D Portal webmaster) - "I was at 3D Realms offices on July 19th, 2002, and George Broussard, and Ruben Cabrera both spent roughly an hour showing me Duke Nukem Forever".

He also had this to say in a PlanetCrap comment:

"I am one of the few people that have seen Duke Nukem Forever in development. I got a chance to see it this past July. While I am vowed not to go into detail, I can say that what I did see is nothing short of tremendous. I have no clue when it is coming out, but based on what I saw, it will not disappoint".


Rob Brown (previous Apogee employee) - "George and I said our hellos and then George says to me, 'Do you want to see some Duke Nukem Forever?' I was like a kid in a candy shop". This was in 2002, I think.

John Romero - "I saw DNF last time I was in Dallas and it looked very very nice". This was said in February 2004.

Take 2 employees - "I know they are extremely impressed with the current state of the game, having seen it just last week".


Levelord - "We went to 3D Realms in the morning (that's 2pm in their time zone;)... and actually got to see Duke! Nobody sees Duke! I haven't seen Duke in over three years! ...but the Russians? ...they get to see Duke". Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Earlier he said: "Believe you me, the game is worth the wait!"

I'm sure more people have seen it. I think I remember reading that Evil Avatar saw the game as well. Also, the '98 version of the game was shown behind the scenes at E3 to reporters.

>>1) Can you tell us what Video Card you guys are currently running it on? If not can you tell us if it is a new video card?

9800 Pro's, some 6800GT's and some 6800 Ultra's.

>>2) Have you completed at least 70% of the models?

This is hard to say, as a model can be anything from a prop (like a chair, microwave, etc) to the tons and tons of models that go into the levels as architecture to flesh out a level.

A ton is done. We have hundreds of props that you can place in the world, and the artists just continue to pump stuff out.

>>3) Are a majority of your models textured?

We complete them as they go in, so the ones that are done, are in.

>>4) Have all the weapons been programed in and are usable in-game right now?

Yes. In, with animations, sound pass, and final textures. We'll probably add a couple more as we go, and there are some whacky ideas we want to explore, but all the base guns are in and we could ship with what we have.

>>5) Aproximetly how many types of enemies are there?

15 or so, and working on more.

>>6) Is the game divided up into Episodes or just levels?


>>7) Is there more then one boss battle?


>>:eeek2: Is there a Battlelord in this game?

He was a signature bad guy from Duke 3D, so he's be a popular choice to bring back

>>9) Are there any Cameo's?

Not sure what you mean by cameo.

>>10) Who does Joe play the voice of?


>>11) Anyone else on the 3DR team doing voice acting for DNF?

I doubt for final voice work, no. Maybe a couple here or there.

>>12) What do you put on your pizza?

We ordered Dominoe'swhen we were in line for Episode 3 the other day. Got a large cheese, peperoni, and supreme.

>>13) Can you give an example of how interactive DNF can be or is?

Very. You can play with everything.



KaiserSoze said: -Should Duke fans worry that Duke Nukem Forever did not get a single mention in the recent PC Gamer article "The shooters of 2006"?

I don't think we would unveil Duke in a roundup article.


-The Meqon physics sale hopefully did not affect development nor is it forseen to be an issue at all?

It should not. We've talked to them and Ageia and things seem good.


-Could you possible give us an idea how far along the following parts of the game are in terms of pre-alpha, alpha, beta...etc?

The enemies, non playable characters(NPCs), weapons, music/sound effects, levels and multiplayer.

Varying stages from beta to pre-alpha.


-Have you decided on the format on which you'll release Duke Nukem Forever? CD and/or DVD/online delivery service?

No. Those decisions are made very close to launch. I think it's safe to assume DNF will be cd and dvd.


-Do you think the interactivity you are incorporating into the game is actually slowing the development process down a bit because of the extensive nature of it?

Sure. It's part of making the game. Doing anything for it slows us down


-Do you think we'll be shocked by some of the levels of interaction in the game?

No idea. We are too close to judge things. We just hope it's fun.


-How important are the "small details" to you? For example, when you talk about crazy interactivity,

I'd say very important.


-Have you decided on a "hype" timetable for DNF? 6 months? 1 year?

No. We really make this up as we go along and we don't plan it. We'll simply wake up one day and realize it's time to show it.


-Most people think it's a safe bet we won't be hearing about DNF until after Prey's release to stores apparently in quarter 2 of next year. Any comment?

I wish we planned that far ahead.

Ya des news de DNF, faut trainer sur les forums de 3DRealms un peut. zatane.gif

Georges il est en rouge.

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Je suis sûr qu'il mettra à mal le R5200 d'ATI, ainsi que le NV700 de nVidia ...

Non, juste une 3DFX vodoo 1 :p

Denz -> A la base, dans les tests de Duke, on parlait déjà de DNF, avec quelques screenshots...et il devait sortir dans l'année suivant Duke3D :-D

Ils on juste passer du moteur Q2 a unreal, puis unreal à quelque chose fait par eux. C'est pour ca que ca met autant de temps.

Deja y'a du HDR, alors on le vera un jours vous inquietez pas. :craint:

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