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DNF, un petit signe de vie

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on peut appeler ça un signe die vie, mais en fait c'est juste un changement dans le moteur du jeu: ils ont changé de moteur physique, passant ainsi de Karma à Meqon.

citation de george broussard ( http://forums.3drealms.com/ubbthreads/show...0&Number=686953 )

>>There must be considerable advantages to Megon over Karma for you to make the switch. What are they?

IMO, Karma was first gen. Havok was second gen. Meqon is third gen. It's way way faster than Karma ever was, and it does more, and it's cleaner to use. I know Havok is working on next gen stuff now, but it's not available yet.

>>A while ago, GB said all physics engines were basically the same. Did this change with the new generation of physics engines?

At the time they were. That is no longer the case.

>> Has the improvements in the physics engines "changed" DNF content?

It will allow us to do more with physics and we will do what we can to make things cool.

>> Rather than another switch, why not just build yer own damn physics engine?

Physics engines are one of the hardest things to write, so it's best left to a middleware solution.

>>I thought the DNF engine was done. Why are you guys messing with it now?

The rendering has been done a long time. The physics we had have been in for 3 years. We had a ton of physics gameplay code on top of Karma. All we did was replace the low level stuff with Meqon and re-hook it up to our high level stuff.

Why did we do it? Because Karma was too slow to do anything we were trying to do. I don't feel it was a shippable solution, and in fact very few game shipped with it, doing much more than ragdoll.

This is a *very* good thing for the game.

ne vous en faites pas, c'est pas à cause de ça que le jeu va être repoussé à plus tard que "when it's done" (je doute que ce soit possible d'ailleur :francais: ), mais à voir cela à pris peut de temps pour changer

>Worry not, surely it won't take more than two weeks.


You joke, but it's a fairly small scale thing to do. The bulk of the work was done in a couple of weeks and there will be a couple more. That's about like adding in any standard new system to the game, and we have dozens of small, little one month projects that the game is built upon.

But going forward this is incredibly good for the game.

bref, si cela vous intéresse, allez jetez un oeil sur leur forum ici


ou là http://forums.3drealms.com/ubbthreads/show...age=0&fpart=all

si ça vous tente, y'a une petit démo du moteur physique dispo ici, de quoi vous amuser pendant un ptt moment :transpi:http://www.meqon.com/downloadarea/meqon-demos-1.4.zip

pour finir un interview avec meqon http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=26367

voilà :fou: vous pouvez maintenant retourner à votre occupation, le jeu en lui même n'est pas encore sorti, tout comme sa date de parution :dors:

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ben perso je préfère le "when it's done" de DNF et un george broussard qui se ballade dans des forums et réponds à des questions, que le "on ve le sortir de suite, c'est promi mais c'est pas sur" de HL2 avec un gars qui se cache qui dis jamais rien et quand il dit quelque chose c'est souvent des coneries :transpi:

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