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Populous G.

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Have you ever seen bees ?

Honey is created by bees.

A bee


And do you know the name of "Big bees" ?

"Big bees" are knowed to doing "BZZZZZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZZZ" (instead of bees that are doing "bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz" :non:) So they are bumbling.

Thus, "big bees" are called bumblebees

A bumblebee


And the vicious insects which sting you are wasps

A wasp with an hidden sting


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By the way, I have forgoten to tell you the insect's parts :eeek2::-D :stupid:


1 abdomen

2 thorax

3 head

4 mouthparts (mandibules)

5 antenna

6 compound eyes

7 front wings

8 hind wings (ailes postérieures)

9 abdominal spiracles (orifices respiratoires au niveau de l'abdomen)

10 legs

11 tympanum (don't care :non: )

12 thoracic spiracles

13 pronotum (don't care too :D)

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