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Homage à Teuf


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Mais en tout cas j'ai ça pour notre cher Teuf
SIDEKICK: American pickpockets once called the side pockets side-kicks. These are the hardest pockets to pick because they are closest to the hands of a victim and are constantly moving with the motions of the legs. Therefore, any man wise to the ways of pickpockets kept his wallet in his trusty side pocket, or side-kick. ‘Sidekicker’ thus became a slang expression for a faithful buddy, a partner who is always at one’s side. O. Henry first recorded the term in one of his stories in 1904 and about 10 years later ‘side-kicker’ was shortened to ‘sidekick.’

Pour ceux qui connaîtraient pas ^_^

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alala le sale fayot !! lol

le concours est fini cherche pas sasser (heu non pas celui la) a rien maintenant lol

Même pas un p'tit queq'chose ? :-D

Teuf, Ô Teuf... :iloveyou: Grand Maître à l'INpact si puissant. :ouioui: Tu nous éclaires chaque jour et nous guide dans les dédales de la technologie multimédia... :iloveyou::ouioui:


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