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Les CATALYST 3.8 c'est tout bon ou tout mauvais ?

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Voila par erreur pas de ma part mais du site de telechargement , je voulais les CATALYST 3.6 , il m'a telecharge les 3.6 sous forme d'un fichier , logique.

Mais le hic, c'est quand j'ai ete voir les option de la carte graphique j'ai lu que j'ai en fait la version 3.8 .

Catastrophe ou pas ....

Je flip un peu avec tout ce que l'on dit et tout ce que l'on corrrige apres.

Que dois je faire ?

Changer pour un autre CATALYSTE ?

Merci d'avance pour vos reponse .

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Moi a ta place je garderais les 3.8 je les ai et ca pose pas de probleme ils sont tres bien.

Apparemment c'etait tout fausse alerte, et d'ailleurs pas tres credible a mon gout. Des drivers qui au redemarrage essaient tous seuls haute resolution haute frequence genre 1600*1200 a 120Hz de frequence verticale je ne vois pas comment ati pourrait laisser passer un truc pareil et de plus je doute que ca ferait peter les moniteurs comme ca a ete avance :francais:

Voila d'ailleurs ce qu'en dit ati:


ATI have not only denied that any rumours about their Catalyst 3.8 drivers causing problems are true but have even suggested that the way those rumours spread suggests that they may have been created by "unnamed" competitors.

Terry Makedon, the man behind the Catalyst drivers, and Chris Hook from ATI also posted a, more thorough response, in the Driverheaven forums regarding recent complaints suggesting that Catalyst 3.8 may be responsible for some cards overheating and for some monitors being damaged.

Their full message is as follows:


We have spent a great deal of time trying to reproduce this problem and analyzing our driver code. There is nothing in our driver code that has changed since CAT 3.7 to CAT 3.8 that could possibly cause this behaviour. We believe that our drivers are not causing these alleged problems.

We do not currently believe these stories are valid. We have already confirmed that of the nearly 100 OEM customer programs have asked for and received this driver, we have received no reports on any such problem from the OEMs. We have also run comprehensive QA tests on the driver before releasing it and have had no cases of failed monitors.

Since we announced CATALYST 3.8 on October 8th, we have recorded hundreds of thousands of downloads, and thus far there have been absolutely no reports whatsoever to ATI’s Customer Support department to report monitors failing.


There have been many posts in the forums discussing this issue, it seems it is a common theory, picked up from one place and keep being circulated. One such theory suggests the following:

“Instead of reading the refresh rates from the PRIMARY display INF files, it is reading the SECONDARY display INF refresh rates.”

In XP and 2K, we don’t have access to monitor INF information in our driver component that manages display capability. We have never used this monitor information for any purpose. We rely on EDID data or user override information to determine monitor capability. Even though the OS may use the monitor information to expose high refresh rate based on monitor INF content, the driver always restricts the actual refresh rate going to the monitor based on EDID or the user override. In essence, the user may be able to select from OS controlled monitor page (in advanced property pages) a high refresh rate but internally driver will restrict the refresh rate going to the monitor based on EDID information or user override information. If user set the override information incorrectly then incompatible signals would be sent to the monitor.

In 9x, we can access monitor INF information but due to issues with how OS maps the INF to a monitor, we had disabled reading the monitor INF via registry. Unless someone deliberately changes the registry setting for this in 9x, they would not run into any monitor INF related issues.


We have spent a great deal of time analyzing the temperatures due to the CATALYST 3.8 drivers. We do not under any circumstance see anything near a 10 degree Celsius increase in temperature (but we don’t overclock our test cards either). We do see a slight increase in temperature in certain cases (3Dmark2003 Nature Scene for example). However any temperature increase is well within our safety range. Investigation continues and we are trying to determine why this change in temperature exits. At this point we are reproducing individual driver packages with code being checked in and measuring the temperature. However nothing shows the alleged increase in temperature. One independent website (DriverHeaven.net) even tried to reproduce this issue, and found no measurable difference in temperature between CATALYST 3.7 and 3.8. "

Voila t'as rien a craindre amuse toi avec les 3.8! :pleure:

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Ouais, j'ai l'impression que cette histoire des 3.8 c'etait une grosse farce.

Evidemment, ATI le nie officiellement, mais c'est pas ce que dit Terry Makedon d'ATI en tout cas :

We have spent a great deal of time trying to reproduce this problem and analyzing the driver code. There is nothing to be found. At this point we are working very closely with an ATI Beta Tester who experienced a monitor loss.


Et leur beta testeur, c'est un gros farceur aussi?

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