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ADN du web ^^


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l'architecture des liens ... :sucre:

Euh non : l'architecture du site, la présence des liens, ...

- edit -

L’algorythme du service Web2DNA se base sur la structure des tags HTML qui compose la page.
The brightness of the lines is determined by the importance of the tags in terms of structure.

H1 is brighter than H2, which is brighter than H3.

TABLE is brighter than TR, which is brighter than TD tags.

Images and flash elements appear as 70% white.

New HTML tags like STRONG and EM is brighter than older ones like B and I

UL, OL and DL is brighter than their LI, DT, DD

DIV layout is brighter than table layout

Basically a semantically rich site will appear brighter than one with messy old-style code.

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