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[ESTIM] Centrino 1,4Ghz - 512 - 40G - wifiB

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Salut a tous,

Voila j'aimerais l'estimations de mon portable il va avoir 2 ans, c'est un Fujitsu siemens Amilo M-7400


System, processors, architecture

Intel_ Pentium_ M processor: 1.4GHz

1MB 2nd level cache, 400MHz FSB

Intel 855GM+ICH4M

Application Software

a) Microsoft Works Suite 2003 including Word 2002,

Works 7.0, Microsoft Encarta® 2003, Microsoft

Picture It!® 7.0, Microsoft AutoRoute 2002/2003*,

Microsoft Money 2002*

*availability depending on language

b) Word / Works

Countries will receive either Microsoft Works Suite or a

Word/Works package. For language availability please

see matrix on the next page

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0

Win DVD 4.01

Nero 5 CD-Maker

Driver & Utility CD including:

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05

Norman anti-virus software (also pre-installed)

Fujitsu Siemens Computers recommends

Microsoft® Windows® XP.


2*256MB DDR SDRAM, DDR 266 MHz

Storage devices / drives

40 GB IDE hard disk


DVD 8x / DVD+R 2.4x / DVD+RW 2.4x / CD 24x /

CD-R 16x / CD-RW 8x


Shared memory, integrated in Intel 855GM chipset, up

to 64MB

- Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 technology

Delivers intense, realistic 3D graphics with sharp

images and enables balanced memory usage between

graphics and system for optimal performance

- Optimised internal clock gating for 3D & display

engines. Reduces chipset power consumption by

intelligently clocking 3D & display engines based on

application needs

- Image rotation, ability to rotate the screen image


15” TFT XGA, 1024 x 768 pixel

I/O Interfaces

1 x IEEE1394, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 x S-Video

1 x Fast Infrared, 1 x parallel, 1 x CRT

1 x modem, 1 x LAN

3 in 1 flash card port SD/MS/MMC

1 x type I/II PC Card slot (32 bit CardBus support)

1 x line in, 1 x headphone out

1 x power supply


Built-in 56K, V.92 international modem and

10/100 Mbps LAN

Integrated Wireless LAN (WLAN) solution: Intel®

PRO/Wireless 2100 LAN network connection

- speeds up to 11Mbps

- industry standard wireless LAN security support

- excellent performance through per packet antenna


- Intel® Intelligent Scanning Technology for optimal

power management


Cirrus logic CS4299-XQ, 2 built-in speakers, built-in

microphone, microphone in, headphone out incl.

S/PDIF support

1 x volume regulator

Launch Keys

Located left of the keyboard are 5 Launch Keys used to

launch the following applications:

- wireless communication, e-mail, Internet browser,

2 user-programmable buttons

Hot Keys

The notebook uses hotkeys or key combinations for the


Fn-F1 help hotkey

Fn-F2 puts the computer in sleep mode

Fn-F3 display toggle, switches display output

between display screen and external

monitor or to dual view

Fn-F4 screen blank, turns the display screen

backlight off to save power

Fn-F5 speaker on/off

Fn-PgUp home

Fn-PgDn end

Fn- _ screen brightness up

Fn- _ screen brightness down

Pointing device & control buttons

Touchpad with a left and right mouse button plus a 4-

way scroll button

Power button / lid switch

Status indicators

The notebook has 7 status icons located under the

display: - Wireless communication, power, Standby,

Media activity, battery charge, Caps lock, Num Lock


User and supervisor password

Kensington Lock support

Power system

Li-Ion battery, 8 cells, 14.8V / 4400mAH

appr. 4:00 hrs battery runtime, depending on usage2

Dynamic charge supported, ACPI 2.0 supported

External universal AC adapter: 110 – 240 V AC, 50-

60HZ, output: 65W with 19V DC

ACPI functions

S1 standby (LCD off)

S3 save to RAM

S4 save to disk

S5 soft off

Dimensions and weight

326mm x 270mm x 30mm

2.6 kg (with 15” XGA, Li-Ion battery, HDD, Combo


Operating conditions

Operational: 5°C to 35°C (ambient temperature)

10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing

AC input 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Il est plus sous garantie, mais toujours en très bon état, la coque est un peu usée sur les angles, la charniere tient encore bien la route (5° de jeu), et la batterie tiens encore les 3h d'autonomie

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