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Dans son truc tu vas engraisser les labos pharmaceutiques ... :non:

Our preferred partners are small pharmaceutical companies


research grants would include a substantial part of any income from licensing the results and royalties on sales.

Et puis franchement leur référence, United Device, plus commercial tu meurs :roll: (j'ai jamais pu blairer ce projet)

Will the results be published or put in the public domain?

It is normal practice to patent the activity of molecules once this has been confirmed experientally. This serves to place some of the results in the public domain as well as protect the intellectual property.

What about public interest projects?

The results from public interest projects such as the Bioterrorism antidote project are freely available to approved academic and goverment laboratories.

Can academics access the results without charge?

We look sympathetically at requests from academics for a subset of the results as well as suggestions of certain protein targets.

En gros, certains projets seront ouverts et d'autre engraisseront les labos ... mouais ben ca reste assez obscur leur truc

Utilising Results

If you are interested in using the results of an existing research project then please e-mail sales@find-a-drug.co.uk

Erf ca veut tou dire leur mail ... si tu veux avoir accès aux résultats t'écrit au service commercial ...pffouarf :D

Folding for ever ! :non:

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chaque peronne à une autre vision des choses, mais bon l'essentiel c'est de faire un geste :-D

faire un geste pour engraisser des multinationale pharmaceutique qui déposent un brevet ensuite, autant pisser dans un violon :francais:

Folding for ever :-D

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