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Carte Mere + proc


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- AMD Athlon64 (3500+, 3800+, Fx-53, future 4000+ and Fx-55) on Socket 939

- Supports dual-Channel on 4 slots RAM (DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 ECC/non-ECC, unbuffered)

- Bus Hypertransport 1000MHz, 16bit (4Go/s bidirectional or 2000MT/s)

- AMD Cool & Quiet (goes down to 1000MHz @ 1.1V, max 22W, at rest)


- Nvidia NForce 4 Ultra (Ck8-04)

- Single-Chip

- passive and not very bulky chipset heatsink


-1x PCI-Express 16x (2.5GHz, 4Go/s bidirectional)

-3x PCI-Express 1x (2.5GHz, 250MB/s bidirectional)

-3x NCV 32bit (33MHz, 132Mo/s)


-4x SATA 2 (3Gbit/s, 300Mo/s potentially) supporting NVRaid (0,1, RAID 0+1, JBOD), NCQ, ATAPI and Hotplug (native NF4)

-4x SATA 1 (1,5Gbit/s, limited to 132Mo/s - > NCV) supporting the Raid (0,1, 0+1, JBOD, RAID 5 software) (chip Silicon Sil3114CT Image, via bus NCV)

-2x IDE 33/66/100/133 supporting 4 peripherals and NVRaid even between IDE and SATA (native NF4)

-1x Floppy (chip ITE IT8711F, via bus NCV ?)


-1x Gigabit Ethernet via PHY, hardware Firewall integrated into the NF4, low CPU usage (chip Marvell 88E8053, via bus NCV-E or PHY )

-1x Gigabit Ethernet via the Marvell 88E8001, via bus NCV or PHY

-1x Wifi Controller , standard "G" 54MBit/s (72Mbit/s according to the Marvell site) (chip Marvell 88W8310 + 88W8000G, via bus NCV)

* External Ports *

-10x USB 2.0 (480MBit/s) 6 via bracket (native NF4)

-2x Firewire 400 (400MBit/s) including 1 via square (chip Texas Instruments TSB4ÁA22, via PHY)

-1x parallel Port (native NF4

-2x Port series (native NF4)

-1x Midi Port (chip ITE IT8711F, via bus NCV ?)

* Audio *

- codec Realtek xxx? 7.1? (?)

- miniplug, coaxial, optical Exit

* I/O *

1x PS/2 Mouse

1x PS/2 Keyboard

1x Parallel

4x USB 2.0

1x Firewire 400 (IEEE139â)

1x RJ45 Gigabit

1x Wifi Antenna

1x 5.1 audio channels miniplug (+ 1x Mic, + 1x Line-in)

1x Coaxial Audio

1x Optical audio


Si cest ca ca me parrait tres biennnnnnnnnnn :D

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