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[Vendues] DDR PC3200 2x512 Mushkin Spécial 2-2-2-6

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Suite à le versement d'un accompte et la personne n'a pas respecté sont engagement, je remet en vente donc un Dual Pack de:


- 2 x512mo PC3200.

-marque MUSHKIN

-Radiateur en platinium

-model spécial avec timings très agréssifs: 2-2-2-6

-2 équipées de Puçes BH6


Je vends cette mémoire qui date du mois d'avril facture à l'appuis(pc mémory upgrade)

PRIX: 290 euros

Prix neuf le plus bas constaté 356 € http://www.pc-memory-upgrade.co.uk/memory/ddr-ram-pc3200.asp


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Mushkin Dual Channel PC3200 Special 2-2-2 (BH6)
Mushkin Special PC3200 2-2-2 Latest memory release from Mushkin - the Dual Channel PC3200 Special 2-2-2 Edition.
Built with Winbond BH6 chips these modules perform just as well as Mushkin's PC3200 Level2 modules at PC3200 speeds.

The Special 2-2-2 Edition is Mushkin's newest PC3200 product for dual channel technology. Lowest latency PC3200 found on the planet today. CAS2-2-2 hand selected 6ns chips screened for 400MHz CAS222 results! Tested 222 compatibility on chipsets including nForce2, Intel 865/875, VIA KT400.

In stock now!

# 512Mb and 1Gb dual channel kits available
# CAS2-2-2 hand selected 6ns chips screened for 400MHz CAS222 compatibility
# CAS 2-2-2 @ 400mhz
# Hand-selected Winbond BH-6 chips screened and tested for 400mhz operation.
# 3.2GB/s
# Dual Bank
# 64Mx64 Module
# 32Mx8 chip density
# Jet Black 6-Layer PCB
# Gold Contacts
# 184 pin
# 2.5V - 2.8V
# Unbuffered
# Alu heatspreaders, colours may vary

excellentes barrettes marque exceptionnelle

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