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Nouveau WB Swiftech

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Switech viens de sortir un nouveau WB qui va faire parler de lui j'en suis sûr :craint:

peu cher et plus performant que l'ancien, tous ceux qui connaissent la qualité de fabrication du constructeur vont pouvoir se l'arracher, surtout qu'il est compatible avec toutes les plateformes PC apparemment :craint:





Performance: Close to 2°C better than the previous 5000 & 5002 series

    * The inlet is centrally located to focus the lowest temperature fluid over the hottest area.

    * The precise location and diameter of the inlet are calculated to optimize flow velocity and turbulence, thus accelerating the convection heat transfer into the fluid.

    * The waterblock base features a thin pin design (281 pins). This geometry maximizes the surface area exposed to the fluid, and promotes turbulent flow, both factors which also contribute to enhance the convection heat transfer, while exhibiting less overall flow restriction than competing designs (1).

    * The inlet and outlet are 3/8" in diameter, allowing direct use of 3/8" internal diameter tubing (1/2" OD) for good flow rates and reasonably unobtrusive tubing.

    * The block is an all C110 copper construction, to exploit the high thermal conductivity characteristics of this metal.

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