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if I copy / paste music directories from my pc to my walkman, is it ke the archos classifies them directly by artist genre etc ... or does he leave me my directory such as kel?

In my repertoire I play musik from different album and g made the creative because I could not read but musike ke by artist category ..etc

In short, I would like to go for a walk https://krogerfeedback.nl https://talktosonic.onl https://talktowendys.vip https://whataburgersurvey.onl in the reader as in the windows explorer and that is to make changes from the archos! I am used to where




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Hello, and welcome to our community

The archos xs200 is quite old but i was able to find some review and from it, I can say that in browser application the device will display the directories as is meaning as you have copied them to your device.

In the musik application it allows you to search by artist or song name.

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