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  1. salut, je vais m'acheter un processeur core2duo, est-ce que l'astuce du bios Max CPUID Value Limit = enabled fonctionne bien pour eviter le bug de wow sur les dual core ? (64 fps max, saccades quand l'on tourne sur place). Le patch 1.12 inclut il un fix pour ce probleme ? http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.a...511053&P=33
  2. Serveur La Croisade Ecarlate, côté horde: aes : voleur 60 aese : pretre 60 Mon autre perso n'est plus utilise (serveur silvermoon , amiga). Desole pour le travail milohoffman ;-)
  3. Bon ben voilà, après 4 jours à Guild wars, j'ai toujours une préférence pour world of warcraft. Pour wow : liberté de déplacement (mais néanmoins une téléportation par heure possible). Bien meilleur son et musiques. ebay (auction house) pour facilement acheter et vendre des armes/armures/objets ... On peut se fier au niveau du monstre (à Guild war un level 4 peut être aussi fort qu'un 8 ). Pour guild wars : Téléportation n'importe quand. Mercenaire, tip top pour se faire un groupe en 2 secondes. Graphismes plus fin et plus d'effets spéciaux. J'aime bien les pouvoirs, c'est la bataille entre perdre et reprendre de l'énergie, et longtemps. Peut-on espérer un world of warcraft 2 ou un guild wars 2 avec les tops des deux ??
  4. Je te conseilles de mieux écrire, sinon ça va gueuler. 4 fautes, pas mal.
  5. nom : amiga elfe de nuit, guerrier, level 42 (pour le moment ;-)) serveur : silvermoon (anglais).
  6. J'ai bien trouvé ça, mais bon, rien pour ma mémoire ... (à part pour le son): We can define some parameters in the config.wtf file, but nothing concerning the memory, grrr ! Look at this: Note : All of the below comments on the workings of these commands are purely guesses and are based on past experiences with other games' console commands. SET hwDetect "0" --- Sets if WoW checks your video card drivers every time it starts up. SET lod "1" --- Dunno, but LOD always stands for "Level of Detail" SET fullAlpha "1" --- Disables or enables Alpha on everything (slower computer, 0, faster computer, 1)(only use if resoloution ends in 32) SET doodadAnim "0" --- Determines if the doodads have animations (off, doodads don't move, slower computers, on for faster computers) SET mapShadows "1" --- I would say that this adds shadows to the minimaps SET lightMaps "(null) --- This enables or disables lightmaps (make shadows look more real) SET lodDist "100.000000" --- As your character gets farther away from things, they look less and less real. This sets the distance where the LOD begins to degrade. SET SmallCull "0.040000" --- Something to do with Culling SET DistCull "500.000000" --- Also to do with Culling, I dunno what it is, but it has something to do with 3d models SET MaxLights "4" --- Set higher to allow more light sources, for faster computers and more complex shadows SET shadowLevel "0" --- This sets the level of complexity for shadows SET alphaLevel "0" --- This sets the initial alpha levels of objects before other alpha layers are added (guess) SET texLodBias "0.5" --- This probably makes the textures look less real farther away (value sets amount to degrade quality at large distances) SET trilinear "1" --- Enables trilinear filtering SET frillDensity "24" --- Dunno SET farclip "450.000000 --- Sets max viewable distance for any object, you can never see farther than this number SET nearclip "0.1 --- Keep this at 0.1 but it sets the minimum camera clipping distance (you can't see closer than this number to the camera) SET specular "1" --- Adds specular (light reflections) to objects (for faster comps) SET pixelShaders "1" --- Adds pixel shaders (also for faster comps) SET particleDensity "1.000000" --- For all the particle emitters, sets the density scaling value SET unitDrawDist "120.000000" --- Max distance you can see another player or creep (the server sets this for you) SET waterLOD "0" --- Level of detail in the water SET baseMip "0" --- first mip-mapping level, textures become blurry at a distance with higher numbers in this value SET anisotropic "1" --- sets anisotropic filtering on or off SET textureLodDist "777.0" --- I think something to do with the distance at which texture LOD begins to degrade SET horizonfarclip "2112" --- How far away the horizon is from your character (similar to FarClip value) SET ErrorFileLog "0" --- yeah, self explanitary SET Errors "0 --- numbers of errors that it will LOG at once if the game crashes SET ErrorLevelMin "1" --- min number of errors to log SET ErrorLevelMax "3" --- max number of errors to log SET ErrorFilter "all" --- which errors to never log go here SET debugTargetInfo "0" --- lets you see info about your currently selected target SET showGUIDs "0" --- enables/disables GUI IDs (which are like tooltips on the GUI) SET DesktopGamma "0" --- Use desktop gamma levels or not SET Gamma "1.0" --- In game gamma if UseDesktopGamma is off SET profanityFilter "1" --- cursing filter on or off SET SoundBufferSize "100" --- size of the buffer that holds the sound files in memory SET SoundOutputSystem "-1" --- dunno SET SoundDriver "-1" --- dunno SET SoundMixer "-1" --- dunno SET SoundMinHardwareChannels "-1" --- minimum number of sound channels to use SET SoundMaxHardwareChannels "12" --- max number of sound channels to use SET SoundMixRate "44100" --- data rate of sound (in hertz) SET SoundSoftwareChannels "12" --- SoundMinHardwareChannels except for software sound, not hardware sound SET SoundInitFlags "128" --- dunno SET SoundMemoryCache "4" --- Size of memory cache in megabytes SET mouseInvertYaw "0" --- invert horizontal (or vertical, I dunno difference between pitch, yaw, roll) mouse scrolling SET mouseInvertPitch "0" --- invert horizontal (or vertical, I dunno difference between pitch, yaw, roll) mouse scrolling SET camerasmooth "1" --- smoothes the camera movements SET cameraSmoothingRate "0.5" --- rate at which camera movements are smoothed SET cameraLinearSpeed "8.33" --- dunno SET cameraAngularSpeed "180.0" --- dunno SET cameraAngleA "0" --- initial camera angle? SET cameraDistanceA "5.55" --- i dunno SET cameraAngleB "20" --- i dunno SET cameraDistanceB "5.55" --- dunno SET cameraAngleC "30" --- dunno SET cameraDistanceC "13.88" --- dunno SET cameraAngleD "0" --- dunno SET cameraDistanceD "13.88" --- dunno SET EnableGroupSpeech "1" --- enables speech to all those in your party SET EnableErrorSpeech "1" --- your guess is as good as mine, and I don't have one SET EnableAmbience "1" --- sets environmental ambience sounds on (like the bubbling of a marsh or the croaking of frogs) SET MapWaterSounds "1" --- ummm, this one is too complex for me to handle SET statusBarText "0" --- enables/disables text on the status bar SET assistAttack "0" --- allows other players to help you fight a single enemy (turn off if you don't want others taking your kills) SET minimapZoom "0" --- current zoom level on the minimap (there can be 3 I think) SET minimapInsideZoom "3" --- Which area on the map you're currently centered on SET combatLogOn "1" --- i dunno SET UnitNameRenderMode "2" --- how the game shows unit names (try modes 0, 1, 2, 3 to see how else it can render names) SET PlayerFadeMouseOver "0" --- if enabled, when you mouse over your player, they fade so you can see through them SET PlayerFadeInRate "4096" --- how fast you fade in SET PlayerFadeOutRate "4096" --- how fast you fade out SET PlayerFadeOutAlpha "128" --- the extent to which you can be faded (0 is not at all, 255 is completely transparent) SET DamageFontHeight "0.035" --- how high the damage numbers fly up before disapearing SET DamageFontOutline "1" --- something to do with the above SET DamageFontFadeInTime "200" --- time to fade in for damage numbers SET DamageFontTotalTime "1200" --- how long the damage numbers live before disappearing SET DamageFontAscendDistance "7" --- something to do with DamageFontHeight SET DamageFontCharSpacing "-0.001" --- amount of spacing between the numbers in damage numbers SET DamageFontConeAngle "0" --- I dunno SET showsmartrects "0" --- I dunno SET UnitNamePlayerName "1" --- I would guess that it displays the name of your player or something like that SET UnitNamePlayerGuild "1" --- I would guess that it displays the guild you're in SET UnitNamePlayerTitle "1" --- I would guess that it displays your title (aka - duke, lord, etc.) SET UnitNameUnitName "1" --- something to do with showing enemies' names SET UnitNameUnitGuild "1" --- shows enemies' guilds SET UnitNameUnitTitle "1" --- shows enemies' titles SET UnitNameUnitSummonedBy "1" --- shows the name of the person who summoned a unit above the summoned unit SET weapontrails "1" --- leaves particle trails behind all weapons SET ObjectSelectionCircle "1" --- shows or not shows the selection circles on a unit you select SET DebugTargetPath "0" --- dunno SET showEffectsStandalone "1" --- dunno SET CombatLogPartyRange "0" --- how far you can be from someone in your party to log thier messages SET CombatLogRange "40" --- how far you can be from someone to hear them fight ("playername has casted Blizzard on gnoll") SET CombatDeathLogRange "60" --- how far you can be from someone to hear them die ("Playername has been slain by a gnoll") SET CombatLogPeriodicSpells "0" --- dunno this one SET showfootprints "1" --- it shows yours and other units' footprints in the ground SET showfootprintparticles "1" --- shows the particles where someone walked (if you're in the desert, it would be the sand that people kicked up while walking) SET ShowBreath "1" --- shows your player breathing if you're close enough to see it SET CombatModeMaxDistance "30.0f" --- how far (in feet) you can be from someone to attack them (?) SET UnitNameRenderOwn "0" --- shows your name above your head if enabled SET SkyCloudLOD "0" --- sets the level of detail for clouds
  7. Serait-il possible de changer la gestion de la mémoire par wow ? En effet, j'ai 1.5 GO de ram, mais wow se cantonne a n'uiliser que 500 Mo. J'aimerai bien qu'il garde en mémoire les persos de iron forge par exemple, car le disque dur ralentit bien le jeu.
  8. Quel est le problème, le cd n'est pas nécessaire pour jouer ....
  9. "Chère amie elfe, auriez-vous l'amabilité de m'aider à éviscérer 15 jeunes sangliers des chardons, monnayant une belle récompense ?" plutôt que "tu pe médé a tué des cochon stp" :8
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