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Trouvé chez addonics technologie

caracteristiques firewire

Fully IEEE 1394A

Universal drive support and allow different Addonics storage devices sharing the same bus.

Power protection for Plug-And-Pay and Hot Insertion/Removal.

ATA/ATAPI interface support all PIO, all DMA and Ultra DMA modes

Bus powered - 5V - 25V input

Output voltage: +5V and maximum 2 Amp current. Current is limited by host outputting current.

Sustained Data Transfer Rate - up to 50 Mbytes/second max.

Cable length: 3.19 ft. including connectors on both ends of the cable.

MC-36 connector (to the storage device).

Storage Connector dimension: 68 mm ( Firewire connector width ) x 48 mm( MC-36 connector width ) x 13 mm( height )

Power Consumption: 300 mA typical

Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 Centigrade

Relative Humidity: 95% Maximum

Storage Temperature : -22 to 65 Centigrade

le connecteur du disque amovible est un mc-36( connecteur proprietaire ?)

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