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Je constate que le contenu d'un de mes fichier php situé dans mon dossier www/.../ de wamp est modifié !

Voici maintenant le contenu de la page php :






MSG_PROG_SEARCHING_FILES=Searching for files

STAT_INSTALL_FILES=The program files are being installed.




STAT_PERFORMING_ACTIONS=Please wait while setup actions are performed on your system.

STAT_ACTIONS_TITLE=Performing Setup Actions

STAT_ACTIONS_SUBHEADING=Installation actions are now being performed.


STAT_REG_FONTS=Registering fonts...

STAT_REG_FILES=Registering files...

STAT_REG_UNINSTALL=Creating uninstall...

STAT_REG_ICONS=Creating program icons...


CONFIRM_ABORT=The setup is not finished! Do you really want to abort?

EXIST_NEWER=The installer would like to install a file, but a newer file with the same name already exists on your system.

EXIST_OVER=Do you want to overwrite the following file?

EXIST_ANY=The installer would like to install a file, but a file with the same name already exists on your system.

EXIST_INUSE=The following file is in use and cannot be updated:

EXIST_RETRY=Close all other applications and choose Retry, or choose Cancel to install this file on the next reboot.

RESTART_RETRY=The installer could not restart the system. Please close all open applications and choose Retry.

INSTALL_ASKDISK=Please insert disk #

INSTALL_NEWLOC=If the files on this disk can be found in another location (for example, on another drive), enter the full path to the files, or click the Browse button to select a path.

SCRN_FREESPACE=You do not have enough free space on the selected drive to install the software.

SCRN_BADDIR=You have not entered a valid directory name.\nTry using the Browse button, or choose the default directory if you are having trouble.

SCRN_EDITCHARS=Your response must be between %d and %d characters long.

SCRN_EDITNUM=Please enter a number between %d and %d.

SCRN_BADSCFOLDER=Your shortcut folder name must not contain any of the following characters: /:*?"<>|

SCRN_WIZ_INSTALLING=Please wait while the necessary files are installed.


ERR_INTEGRITY=Archive integrity check failed.\nThe expected setup file size is: %s bytes\nThe actual setup file size is: %s bytes\n\nSetup aborted.

ERR_OPENARC=Cannot open the following archive file (you may have inserted the wrong disk):

ERR_MEM0=Memory allocation error.\nPlease restart your system and close all applications before running the setup again.

ERR_MEM1=Cannot allocate enough memory to decompress files. Setup aborted.

ERR_MAKEDIR=Cannot create the following directory:

ERR_FONTREG=Unable to register the following font:

ERR_SKIP=Error skipping over file

ERR_DECOMP_RW=Read/Write failure

ERR_DECOMP_CRC=File CRC mismatch - Data integrity error

ERR_DECOMP_DEF=General decompression problem

ERR_DECOMP=A decompression error has been detected.

DLL_REGERR_LOAD=Failure in LoadLibrary()

DLL_REGERR_GETPROC=Failure in GetProcAddress(DllRegisterServer)

DLL_REGERR_FAIL=Failure code returned by DllRegisterServer

DLL_REGERR=ActiveX registration error #

TLB_ERR_ARGS=One or more of the arguments is invalid.

TLB_ERR_IO=The function could not write to the file.

TLB_ERR_STATE=The type library could not be opened.

TLB_ERR_READ=The function could not read from the file.

TLB_ERR_FORMAT=The type library has an older format.

TLB_ERR_LCID=The LCID could not be found in the OLE-supported DLLs.

TLB_ERR_LOAD=The type library or DLL could not be loaded.

TLB_ERR_REG=The system registration database could not be opened.


TLB_ERR_MEM=Out of Memory

TLB_ERR=TypeLib registration error #

ERR_FILENOTFOUND=Please make sure your disk is in the drive!\n\nThe following file cannot be found:

ERR_OPEN_INPUT=Could not open input file

ERR_OPEN_OUTPUT=Could not open output file

ERR_FILE_READ=Error reading from file

ERR_FILE_WRITE=Error writing to file

ERR_COPY_GENERAL=A general I/O error occured during file copy.


MSG_ERR_DOWNLOADING=Error downloading file.

MSG_ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND=The specified file was not found.

MSG_ERR_EXTRACTING=Error extracting file.

MSG_ERR_EXECUTE=Error executing file.

MSG_ERR_OPENING_FILE=Error opening file.

MSG_ERR_CLOSEPROGRAM=Failed to close program.

MSG_ERR_INVALID_HOSTNAME_FORMAT=Improper hostname format.


MSG_ERR_CONNECT_GENERAL=Connection failed.

MSG_ERR_NORESPONSE_SERVER=No response from server.

MSG_ERR_NEGRESPONSE_SERVER=Negative response received from server.



MSG_ERR_UNKNOWN=Unknown error.

MSG_ERR_REQUEST_DENIED_SERVER=Request denied by server.

MSG_ERR_INVALID_TYPE=An invalid type has been specified.

MSG_ERR_NOOPEN_DATAPORT=Data port could not be opened.

MSG_ERR_PORT_FAILED=PORT command failed.

MSG_ERR_RETR_FAILED=RETR command failed.

MSG_ERR_CONN_TERMINATED=Connection terminated before operation complete.

MSG_ERR_FILE_VERIFICATION=Failed file verification.

MSG_ERR_FILE_SIZE=File size is incorrect.

MSG_ERR_FILE_CRC=File CRC is incorrect.

MSG_ERR_WEB_DOWNLOAD=Failed to download file from Web.


Cela ressemble à un log, mais créer par quel logiciel ?

ice en en-tête me fait penser à SoftIce.

Les MSG_ERR indique une tentative de hack

Avez-vous déjà rencontré ce type de log ?

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