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[CG] Probleme memoire video ?

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Description: Pilote d'affichage principal

Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Name: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT

Total Local Video Memory: 256 MB

Total Local Texture Memory: 256 MB

Total AGP Memory: 55 MB

Display Driver: nv4_disp.dll

Display Driver Version:

Driver WHQL Certified: No

Max Texture Width : 4096

Max Texture Height: 4096

Max User Clipping Planes: 6

Max Active Hardware Lights: 8

Max Texture Blending Stages: 8

Textures In Single Pass: 8

Vertex Shader Version: 1.1

Pixel Shader Version: 1.4

Max Vertex Blend Matrices: 0

Max Texture Coordinates: 8

Vendor ID: 0x10de

Device ID: 0x0045

Sub-System ID: 0x81a31043

Revision: 0xa1

Quelq'un pourrait m'expliquer pourquoi il n'y a que 55 mb d 'AGP memory ?

Un pote qui a une carte graphique RADEON X800 a lui 246 MB !! EXPLIQUER MOI !

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