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BF Vietnam: enfin le patch !!

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Et voilà, le fameux patch est en ligne depuis hier ! On va enfin pouvoir jouer pour de bon...


-General optimizations to reduce server lag.

-CDkey hash added to game.listplayers output.

-game.listPlayers uses the new format:

#Id:<id> - <name> is remote ip: <ip>:<port> hash:<cdkeyhash>

-Gamespy port setting fixed.

game.gameSpyPort  - now working

  game.gameSpyLANPort - now working

game.ASEPort  - removed (not supported by ASE)

-All Seeing Eye updated.

-Battlefield Vientam games no longer appear in Battlefield 1942

ASE list.

-Player details should appear correctly in ASE server list.


-Sort by Ping fixed in Server Browser.

-Scrollbar fixed in Server Browser.

-Player number now displays properly if more than 10000 players.

-Soldier prediction fixed to remove jerky movements when walking/jumping.

-M60 removed from the LAW kit and replaced with M14.

-M60 and RPD min/max bullet deviation increased when standing/moving.

-M60 and RPD max bullet deviation decreased slightly when prone.

-Rate of fire and velocity of M60/RPD adjusted.

-Player movement speeds on Heavy Assault kits reduced slightly.

-Network overhead of vehicle engines and airlifting significantly reduced.

-Added minimap warning icon when enemies are within capture radius of an

opposing team flag.

-The Dedicated Server option in the Multiplayer -> Create Game menu has been

removed to fix potential issues with Punkbuster.  Non dedicated Internet servers

started from this menu will no longer use Punkbuster.  As a result of these

changes, Punkbuster can only be enabled when using the Standalone Dedicated Server. 

The required exe's have been included in the client 1.01 patch.

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