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[CG] The secret weapon of ATI

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You registered with ATI to be the first to get all the details about Xtreme, intense

gaming - now it is time to engage in the Xperience. Achieve the power to conquer

a world of massive graphics performance and intense High-Definition (HD) gaming. With RADEONTM X800 Graphics Technology, the time has come for you to master

your game.

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So you already know the details? Do you want to own High-Definition gaming?

Can't wait? Get RADEON X800 Graphics Technology today.

Where you buy

Now you know. Do your friends know? Pass this message on and get multiple

chances at winning a brand new gaming system, a RADEONTM X800 PRO

graphics board, and other cool stuff from ATI & ATI's launch partners.

The Radeon X800 Launch Contest

Voila dsl pour les allergiques à l'anglais.

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