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[LOGICIEL] Thèmes visuels Mac OS X

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tu patch le fichier windows ( dsl je me souviens plus du nom ) ou alors tu l'edite a la main quit'empeche d'utiliser des themes autres que ceux de microsoft...

apres tu dl les themes que tu vx et tu les met dans C:\Windows\Ressources\Themes ( de memoire )

je vais essayer de retrouver le fichier a patcher

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Voilà !

Third, you must understand where your system directory is and how to

navigate there (although the patcher will tell you where it is).

If you update your Windows® XP operating system, the patch may become


Ready?  Here are the instructions.

1) Run the uxthemepatcher.exe.  This program will produce a "uxtheme.pat"

  file in your system32 directory.  If this program fails, DO NOT


2) After you have successfully run uxthemepatcher.exe, a message box

  will tell you where the uxtheme.pat file is.  If your system directory

  is c:\windows\system32 -- the uxtheme.pat file will be there.  If it is

  c:\winnt\system32 -- the uxtheme.pat file will be there.  And so on.

  Make a mental note of where the .pat file is.

3) Assuming your system directory is c:\windows\system32 go into the

  directory c:\windows\system32\dllcache.  This directory may be hidden.

  If it is, you need to unhide it to see it, or use the command prompt.

4) Rename the uxtheme.dll file in dllcache to uxtheme.bak (or some other


5) Rename any uxtheme.dl_ or uxtheme.dll that might be found in other

  locations on your system such as c:\i386 or the place where you

  installed Windows® XP from. 

6) Make sure you have NO CDs in your system (especially the Windows® XP

  install CD!).

7) Assuming your system directory is c:\windows\system32 go into the

  directory c:\windows\system32.  Rename uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.bak or

  some other name.  Copy uxtheme.pat to uxtheme.dll.

:kimouss: You might get a warning from Windows System File Protection.  You need

  to answer the two questions properly, and on your own volition to

  ensure that the uxtheme.dll file is not replaced with the original.

9) If all goes well, the uxtheme.dll will be the same DATE and TIME as

  the uxtheme.pat.  If this is the case, REBOOT.  Do not logoff, you need

  a full reboot.

Hope this works.  If it does not, you can always try the Style XP trial

for 30 days.


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Merci, j'avais déjà fait ça :mdr:

Surtout qu'il existe un bête petit programme qui fait toute la longue marche à suivre en un clic

Pourquoi utiliser des programmes, risquer des bug, etc.. quand on peut faire facilement cette manipulation. :mad2:

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