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[CG] Nouveaux pilotes NVIDIA

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:pleure: Salut à tous ! :pleure:

Je viens de trouver sur le net trois pilotes dénomés :

-StarStorm 56.72B

-StarStorm 56.72X

-StarStorm 56.72XQ

Se serait des pilotes ForceWare 56.72 NVIDIA optimisés par StarStorm suivants 3 types :

This is NVIDIA StarStorm version 56.72 for Windows 2000/XP - The StarStorm 56.72 driver is based on the official Nvidia 56.72 Forceware that has been released by NVIDA. Starstorm drivers are HACKED ForceWare drivers to enhance Image Quality and Performance. For more info on these drivers please visit the StarStorm support forum here on Guru3D.com. These drivers are not supported by NVIDIA and should be treated as BETA. These driver are also not altered by Guru3D.com, we just function as host.

StarStorm Drivers term Explained!! B,XQ,X

Currently there are 3 versions of Starstorm drivers, they are:

XQ – Xtream Quality : The drivers have been tweaked to provide the Maximum Quality available and at the cost of a small Performance hit but owners of the high-end cards shouldn’t notice much loss. (These are recommended if you want the eye candy to look as clear and in high detail as possible while still maintaining optimal FPS) Once known as the Q driver.

X – Xtream Quality / Performance: The drivers have been tweaked to provide a performance increase and a Quality increase but not a big one. These will provide the best of both world’s but the increase in the IQ and Performance in a minimal one. These though are still slightly faster 0and have a higher IQ that the original NVIDIA drivers.

(These are recommended for the new to StarStorm user or average user who wants some game fix’s and wants a small increase in IQ / Performance without getting a Hit in either) Once known as the P driver.

B – Benchmarking / Pure Performance: The drivers have been tweaked to provide a big boost in Performance with a big hit in IQ. (These are intended for increasing Benchmark scores and to provide some performance for the low-end cards which need it when it comes to graphics intense games) (If you use these drivers expect games to look desolated and sometimes crappy looking but run smooth) (Highly recommended for non-gamers who just want overall better system performance)

Quelqu'un les a-t-il déjà essayé ?

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Je viens d'essayer le StarStorm 56.72XQ censé être le plus performant en terme de qualité et :transpi:

J'ai réinstallé ma version 53.03 qui est de loin la version la plus performante que j'ai testé (même devant les derniers Forceware) avec une difference de plus de 150 points à 3D Marck 2003 et une fluidité accrue !


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