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Plextor PX-708A DVD-R en 8x

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PX-708A/UF V1.06

Fixed Bugs:

If DVD-R/RW medium is written by using the firmware version 1.05, a medium that cannot be recognized with some DVD devices may be created.

PX-708A/UF V1.05


Support for newer DVD-R media.

(Including support 2x/4x speed writing on 8x DVD-R media)

Support for newer DVD-RW media.

(Including support 2x speed writing on 4x DVD-RW media)


Write performance on DVD media.

High Speed write performance on CD-R media.

Voila la derniére mise a jour pour le PX-708A héhé, on l' attendait depuis un petit momment.

Je confirme que ca marche trés bien.

rendez vous sur le site www.plextor.be pour le fichier.


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