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Army of Two: 4th March

Battlefield Bad Company: 24th March

Borderlands: 1st September

Bourne Conspiracy: 3rd June

Brothers In Arms: 8th April

Brutal Legend: 3rd November

Burnout Paradise: 14th January

The Club: 19th February

Condemned 2: 26th February

Conflict: Denied Ops: 12th February

Dark Sector: 25th March

Dead Space: 8th October

Destroy All Humans 3: 4th March

Devil May Cry 4: 5th Feburary (and Special Edition)

Dynasty Warriors 6: 19th February

End War: 1st April

Fall Out 3: 9th September

Fatal Inertia: 1st May

FIFA Street 3: 18th February

Frontlines: 5th May

Ghostbusters: 7th October

Golden Axe: 8th September

GTA IV: 1st April (and Special Edition)

Haze: 18th March

Heist: 13th May

Hellboy: 24th June

History Channel: Battle for Pacific: 19th February

Hot Shots Golf 5: 18th March

Incredible Hulk: 3rd June

Iron Man: 22nd April

Karaoke Rev: American Idol: 3rd March

Killzone 2: 7th April

LittleBigPlanet: 7th April

Lost: 26th February

Lost Planet: 3rd March

Major League Baseball: 3rd March

Mercenaries 2: 8th April

Metal Gear Solid 4: 17th June

Midnight Club: 1st April

MLB 08: 4th March

Monster Madness: 8th April

NFL Tour: 8th January

Pro Evo Soccer 2008: 11th March

Prototype: 15th September

Rainbow Six Vegas 2: 11th March

Rogue Warrior: 10th November

Sega Superstars Tennis: 4th March

Sid Meier's Civilisation: 1st April

SingStar: 13th May

Soul Calibur IV: 2nd June

Star Wars Force Unleashed: 8th April

Tiberium: 2nd September

Turning Point: 26th February

Turok: 5th February

Two Worlds: 1st August

UEFA Euro 2008: 15th April

Viking: 4th March

WET: 1st October

Wheelman, The: 1st September

Prévision de quelques unes des sorties pour la ps3 en 2008 selon la chaîne américaine Best Buy.

Preview Midnight club Los angeles


jolies images de DMC4


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GOW III avance bien


18M de 360 et 8M de halo3. Dans les deux cas, ils comptabilisent les exemplaires en double? 360 rrodées & edition de halo3 avec cd défectueux échangées? Surement. :francais:


les fps à venir


1 jeu offert pour les abonnées xbl gold


Just cause 2


spots pub wiifit


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Date pour battlefield bad company


Top du live 360 jeux joués OFFLINE ET ONLINE mélangés (comme d'hab)


Condemned daté


Images Wip3out hd


Les jeux rockstar se steamifient


Report de DBZ bt3 sur wii


LA noire (un jeu dont on ne sait finalement pas grand chose? mafia like?) devrait aussi sortir sur 360


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Ca pourrait être une bonne idée l'abonnement si l'offre est un peu plus poussée.

Ok P'az, j'attendrai un mp de m00t ^^

New Line rejoint le camp BR, LOTR entre autre :


Line up 2008 de Disney en BR :


Coyote girl en HD la classe :mdr2:

edition collector pour DMC4 en Europe, mieux que USA ?


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